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A brilliant report card
A brilliant report card This world is the house of test and the heaven is the house of eternity. God asks us in this lifetime just to show diligence. For example, He wants us to try to be a good person. Many of us, however, wait for the outcome here. Isn’t an eternal life worth tolerating the difficulties of this world?!
Can everybody use the heaven?
Can everybody use the heaven? Everybody goes to the heaven, but those whose souls are consistent with the heaven and its boons can enjoy it. It is like one who has hands, but cannot move them. To you, if we want to use the heaven the most, what should we do?
There are sorrows that bring us happiness.
There are sorrows that bring us happiness. Some of our sorrows are futile. Not only do they make our moments of life unhappy, but also they harm our body and soul. On the other hand, there are some sorrows that are seemingly sadness but make us happy and strong. Isn’t it better if we seek them?! To you, is it possible for a sorrow to be enchanting? Comment your opinion for us.
Live by the rules!
Live by the rules! You may not believe how much sports can influence our lives and give us vivacity. Vivacity both in the soul and the body. However, we always eschew it due to laziness and constantly procrastinate it. Health is a big boon. If we lose it, we face grave consequences. Within our daily routines, we should set aside some time for our heath. It is worth trying, isn’t it?
Without remembering God, life is hard!
Without remembering God, life is hard! The most important thing we can do in this world is making an intimate and permanent relationship with God, that God who is always with us and, according to Himself, is nearer to us than our jugular vein. We achieve happiness through living with God, a happiness by which we won’t be bothered for not having many things. How can we make a deep and loving relationship with God?
The Worst Way To Scape Hardships
Do not compare the inside of your life with the outside of others’ lives. Have you seen someone with an ordinary lifestyle whose heart is tranquil? Or, have you seen someone with wealth and power that is depressed, distressed, and upset? That is, what brings about serenity is not wealth and power, but rather it is making a loving relationship with God. Are we ready to begin a loving relationship with God?
This is not the way!
This is not the way! Every problem has a solution. We should just know its way. The answer to hardships is not suicide. It is due to our weakness that whenever we face a hardship, we cave in. The hardships in life are for us to grow. Now, to you, is it worthy to fight hardships to achieve blissfulness?
A choice for good!
A choice for good! If you want to make decisions for which you would not be regretful later, you should observe rules that cause you to be happy and vivacious later and that from which you enjoy. With every decision, you make two futures for yourself, one in this world and the other in the hereafter. Do not rush and do not decide based on sentiments!
There are sorrows that make us grow and separate us from this world. Do you know what those sorrows are?
Do you know the similarity of coach with God?
Do you know the similarity of coach with God? Their similarity lies in that both are makers. If we want to be similar to them, we should listen to their commands. Then, we can get to be similar to God. Would you like to be kind and great like God?
Do you wish to have a greater soul?
Do you wish to have a greater soul? Your soul becomes greater when you beg no one for compassion and, conversely, you bestow compassion upon others. You can be generous towards others without any expectation. This will make you closer to God infinitely. And what is better than resembling the God of kindnesses? Is not it so?
What is the first step to reach serenity?
What is the first step to reach serenity? If you are not serene, see what is missing! Sometimes we seek solutions without knowing the problem. To solve a problem, recognition is the first step. How can we recognize the problem?
What is that we have lost?
What is that we have lost? Every success needs an extraordinary effort like reaching happiness and serenity that we have lost in our lives. What you just need is to know the way to the destination. That’s it. To you, what is its way?
A great formula for attracting and preserving God’s gifts
A great formula for attracting and preserving God’s gifts The formula holds that we should thank God for every blessing emanating from Him toward us, and should strive to preserve blessings. It is as simple as this. There is another secret: our blessings increase if we thank God. Is there anybody who does not wish to carry out this formula?
Has not God given me any blessings?
Has not God given me any blessings? God is kind. If He takes away a blessing from us or does not give us a certain blessing, He has instead granted us thousand other blessings some other times. We should not just look at the blessing which God has taken away. We should show gratitude for His other blessings. Are we thankful for God’s blessings?
The secret of being in love
The secret of being in love We enjoy something we are in love with that thing. You can enjoy this world if you fall in love with its owner. Yes, being in love with the kind and beneficent god! The creator and the governor of world affairs! Having such God and the life He has granted us, isn’t it a pity if we do not fall in love with Him?